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Theft charges dropped due to insanity
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A man who is out $11,000 wonders if the man who ripped him off is really incompetent to stand trial as mental health specialists say.
“He’s playing a game,” said Robert Haley in connection with the burglary and theft case against Christopher David Pinegar that was dismissed by prosecutors by reason of insanity this past week. “He planned what he did and carried it out. An incompetent person can’t do that.”
Pinegar forced his way into Haley’s building on Lowery Lane and stole a 2005 Honda Rancher and 2006 Polaris. The four-wheelers were worth a combined $10,000. However, he was not able to get away clean as he pulled into the path of an oncoming mini-van while fleeing on one of the stolen four-wheelers. He was struck and injured and it was later found he was driving drunk.
It was during preparation for trial, Pinegar was sent for mental evaluation. He was found incompetent to stand trial. His IQ was determined to be 55, way below average. The decision by mental health experts means prosecutors were forced to drop criminal charges. The result is Haley will be left holding the bag for his stolen four-wheelers.
However, Haley said he does not plan to let it go. During his appearance before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley, he requested and was granted a month in which to get his own legal representation to see if he can force the state to have Pinegar independently assessed.
“He’s just trying to beat the system,” Haley argued. “He’s beat the system for a long time.”
Pinegar is presently in an assisted living facility.