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Thank a bus driver during School Bus Safety Week
Thousands of local children are safely transported to and from school each day via school bus. Durham School Services encourages local residents to thank a bus driver Wednesday on School Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

A letter from Durham School Services:
From the early morning pickups to the late-night, after-school activity drop-offs, school bus drivers are dedicated to the safety of their students. We here at Durham School Services are proud of their hard work and commitment to getting students to school safely, on time and ready to learn each school day.
Please join us Wednesday, Oct. 18, for School Bus Driver Appreciation Day and thank a Durham School Services bus driver for all they do.
School Bus Driver Appreciation Day falls during National School Bus Safety Week. Hosted by National Association of Pupil Transportation, this week-long campaign is a public education program to help raise awareness and address the importance of school bus safety.
At Durham, safety is our top priority, and we encourage everyone to do their part in keeping safety first.
Here are a few great reminders to share with your children:
1. Always walk on the sidewalks, where available.
2. Remove headphones/ ear buds and avoid texting or talking on the phone while walking to and from the bus stop or school.
3. Stay 10 steps away from the bus and make sure the driver can see you.
4. Remain seated the entire duration of the bus ride.
5. All body parts and belongings should remain inside the bus and away from the windows at all times.
6. Know your drivers name and bus number to be sure you are boarding the right bus.
7. Stay away from the bus wheels, especially the back wheels, at all times.