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Tennis courts paving receives a $74K bid
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Asphalt on two outdoor tennis courts at McMinnville Civic Center will cost $74,020. 

The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee met to review bids received on the placement of asphalt, the next step in tennis court renovation. Only one bid was received.

“Tinsley Asphalt was the only bid that came in,” said Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord. “It came in at $74,020. The job entails them coming in and compacting the existing rock that Public Works placed. They’ll have to roll it. We’ll bring in more rock, probably, which we will do in house. They’ll have to roll it again before they place the asphalt. This project is for asphalt only.”

McCord added the company has “vast experience with tennis courts” and being the only bidder, he recommended it be approved.

The final phase of renovation will be placement of a top coat lining and fencing. Estimated cost is $25,000.

If the top coat and fencing estimate is correct, the grand total to renovate two outdoor tennis courts will be $100,000. McCord says that cost matches an estimate given.

“We did get quotes and estimates from people in the business about a year or so ago that said it would cost $40,000 to $50,000 per court,” said McCord. “So, $100,000 is right in line with what we had expected for two courts.”

Officials placed $100,000 in the 2016-17 fiscal year budget and left those funds when setting the 2017-18 budget.

“I guess that seems in line with the estimate we were given,” said Alderman Steve Harvey. “Since there’s only one bid, I don’t know what our options are, other than not do it.”

Committee members unanimously approved the $74,020 asphalt bid and paved the way for full Board of Mayor and Aldermen consideration.