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Tennis courts may get matching set
tennis courts opened1.jpg
Renovation is complete of two outdoor tennis courts at McMinnville Civic Center. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Beautification is under consideration for the second set of outdoor tennis courts at McMinnville Civic Center. 

“We sent bids out and received only one,” said McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee. “It was from Seal Rite, the second company that bid on the first two courts. The bid came in at $19,200.”

The department has $20,000 in its budget for the project. 

McCord added, “Seal Rite said it would come in and pressure wash the area, fill any cracks or depressions, and grind to a smooth grade finish. They will resurface, color coat, stripe, and install new nets.”

During budget discussions, $100,000 was removed. While the first set of tennis courts was completely ripped out and replaced, that isn’t possible with reduced funding for the second set.

McCord says this project was scaled back considerably, but the end result will look similar to the first. 

“The color of these courts will match courts three and four. Seal Rite is our recommendation. I think they would do a good job. Seal Rite said they would come in and do the best job they possibly can. If we had $120,000, I’d rip these two out. We don’t have it.”

McMinnville Parks and Recreation assistant director Justin Scott added, “He said it won’t be perfect.”

“They won’t guarantee no bird baths,” said McCord, referring to standing water on the courts after it rains. “For that, you’d need to start from scratch. He’s going to do his best. I think he’ll do a quality job.” 

Parks and Recreation Committee members approved the bid for $19,200 from Seal Rite. The measure will be sent to the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen for its consideration.