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Tennis court plan has fault
indoor tennis court issue2.jpg
Pictured is what will eventually be an indoor tennis court at McMinnville Civic Center. Current design plans call for two single doors into the room, but that has created an issue because a lift tall enough to reach the ceiling can’t fit through a single door.

McMinnville Civic Center’s indoor tennis court is already serving up an issue for city officials. 

According to Sain Construction Company project manager Mike Brewer, they are having to complete interior work before the building’s exterior is complete because the interior doors into the tennis court are not wide enough for a forklift that will reach the room’s 36-foot-tall ceilings. 

“Because of the height of this building, there are a lot of things that need to be done before the IMP (insulated metal panels) can be put on, because we don’t have a way to get a lift into the second floor through the old building. There’s no doorway that’s wide enough,” said Brewer to members of the city Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee. 

Brewer added, “If you look at building a building, you’d think the skin needs to go on before you can do anything inside, but because there’s no way to get a lift in there big enough to lift from the tennis court floor to the bar joist up above, we would have had to leave a hole.” 

Sain’s temporary issue could become a longstanding problem for the city. 

“Is this going to give us any problems in the future when we need to replace lights or do any work inside that room?” asked Mayor Ben Newman, who says the city has a similar issue at Park Theater. 

Brewer replied, “Yes, sir.” 

The room’s design plans by HFR Design called for two single doors. While a small lift will fit through a single door, it will not reach 36-foot ceilings. 

Brewer says a double door is what’s needed and the city could authorize that change. 

“To be honest, if you had a double door, say 7-foot tall, going into that tennis court it would have been a wonderful thing. You only have two single doors going into it. That may be something that y’all want to talk about, and you may want to make a change there. You can get one that will go through a single-man door, but I think the maximum height on it is 21 feet.”

Newman requested, “Get with HRF and ask them how they anticipated that we would change out those lights if we can’t get a lift in there. I think that’s a bad oversight if we can’t get in there to change out those lights due to the size of the entrances to the room.”

“I’ll do an RFI (request for information) on that and ask,” said Brewer. “I’ll post it as coming from this meeting. We figured this out.”