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Teen dies from COVID
A.J. Dodson.jpg
A.J. Dodson
A.J. Dodson is thrown high in the air during a cheerleading stunt.

The community is mourning the loss of 15-year-old cancer survivor Atlantis 'A.J.' Dodson.

Dodson was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma and T-cell Leukemia in April of 2020. She battled cancer bravely and was completely in remission by April of 2021.

In late September, A.J. was taken to Centennial Hospital for COVID-19 and pneumonia. Dodson

fought hard, but was unable to overcome the virus and passed away on Tuesday, Oct. 26. She is believed to be the first Warren County student to have died from COVID.

She was a cheerleader, volleyball player, basketball player and loved by many. It is no surprise to see so many people are celebrating her life and mourning the loss of A.J.

When she came home after staying in the hospital for 40 days battling cancer in May of 2020, Main Street was full of people holding signs and welcoming her home.

Friends and family recently gathered outside the hospital to pray for A.J. when they were not allowed to be in the hospital room with her.

Multiple people offered condolences and shared kind words when they learned of her passing.

She was a member of the Power Athletics cheer team and they made a statement saying, “She was the sweetest, most kindhearted and toughest athlete we have ever known. She fought harder than anyone could.”

Former cheerleading teammate Chelsea Hare said, “To know this child was to love her, seriously. She was one of the most outgoing, talented, funny and brave people I have ever had the chance to meet.”

She was a former member of the Warren County Middle School volleyball team and coach Holly Palombo said, “A.J. was the strongest, sweetest, funniest young lady. She was a fighter even before her diagnosis. She will be missed tremendously by

so many. She was a dream to coach and a phenomenal person.”

Dodson’s sister Selena Glenn shared some words about her sister.

“A.J. was my baby, my little sister, my rock, my best friend, my stunting partner, and was the one person that always put a smile on my face. I will forever cherish the moments we had together even if it was just for me to leave work on my lunch to help you take your chemo pills because I was the only person that could calm you down enough to take them,” said Glenn. “Your story will carry on and will touch many people as it will help me strive for my goals.”

Many more tributes were made to Dodson and it is evident she was loved and admired by so many people.

Obituary information for A.J. is available on 2A. Her funeral is scheduled Friday at 2 p.m.