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Teen critical
Bell, 19, shatters utility pole
A lineman uses a chainsaw to cut away the remnants of a splintered utility pole as it hangs above the wreckage of the car driven by Shawna Bell, 19. The teen was injured Thursday morning when she lost control of her car on Crisp Springs Road.
A Crisp Springs Road teen was critically injured Thursday morning when her car was nearly cut in half when she hit a utility pole near her home.The victim, Shawna Bell, 19, suffered numerous injuries and was rushed to Saint Thomas River Park after her vehicle struck and splintered the utility pole near the intersection of Crisp Springs Road and Brown Prater Road around 8:30 a.m.“She entered the curve and ran off the road,” said Highway Patrolman Kyle Herren, noting she then got her tires back on the pavement but overcorrected and ran off the opposite side of the road and into a large, open field. “She ended up hitting the only pole in the field,” said Herren, noting the teen’s bad luck. If she had traveled a few feet either way, she would have simply driven through the flat field.The vehicle hit the wooden utility pole on the passenger side.