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Teen convicted in murder case sentenced for attacking inmate
Malik L. Scott entered a guilty plea to the charge of simple assault.

Already serving an 18-year prison sentence for his involvement in killing a Mt. Leo man last year, a Coffee County teen has been sentenced for attacking a fellow inmate at Warren County Jail.
The teen, Malik L. Scott, 18, entered a guilty plea to the charge of simple assault and was directed by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 75 percent of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. The term, however, was directed to be served concurrently, meaning it will not actually add to the 18-year sentence Scott is presently serving. He had originally been charged with aggravated assault for the jailhouse beating, a crime that carries three to six years in prison.
Scott is one of six Coffee County youths who have been sentenced with the shooting death of Oswaldo Luna, 43, who was gunned down in his sleep in January 2016. Prosecutors say Sam Brinkley, who was 17 at the time, opened fire when he stepped into the small trailer where Luna was sleeping. Scott was with Brinkley at the time.
Lawmen say Scott’s most recent charges come following a physical altercation within the cell block and was spotted by guards from the tower. The tower is a central location above the cell blocks where a jailer can watch much of the jail population.
“The altercation was between Malik Scott and Ricky Rogers,” Colwell noted.
During subsequent questioning, it was learned the fight broke out over Scott allegedly owing some money to the jail commissary. The end result was a painful injury for Rogers.
“Mr. Scott struck Mr. Rogers in the face several times causing bleeding from the nose and mouth and causing Mr. Rogers’ gums to separate from his teeth,” said Colwell, noting the injured inmate was taken to River Park Hospital for treatment.