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Teacher nabbed buying drugs at school
Drug sting conducted at Hickory Creek
Jason Moore was arrested Thursday.

A Hickory Creek Elementary teacher was arrested on the school playground Thursday with deputies taking the fifth-grade educator into custody in what investigators say could be the first in several arrests of Hickory Creek teachers on narcotics charges.
“We’ve received multiple complaints about buying, selling, and using narcotics on the Hickory Creek campus by teachers,” said sheriff’s chief investigator Marc Martin after Thursday’s arrest of fifth-grade teacher Jason Moore. “Thursday afternoon we did a controlled transaction involving an undercover agent and Mr. Moore.”
Moore reportedly bought $250 worth of Percocet from the agent in the parking lot of Hickory Creek. He was taken into custody a short time later while he was on the playground with students.
“It was low key,” said Martin, noting Moore cooperated with lawmen without incident.
Moore has been suspended without pay pending completion of the investigation, according to Director of Schools Bobby Cox who was called to the school after sheriff’s deputies took the teacher into custody on campus shortly after noon.
A substitute will replace Moore in his classroom during the suspension, which is expected to continue through the end of the school year next month. Moore has worked with the school system since 2009.
Martin said Moore’s arrest could be just the beginning as lawmen have been conducting an investigation into alleged drug trafficking at the school for the past six months.
“There could be more arrests of teachers at Hickory Creek,” Martin warned concerning the ongoing probe.
Cox said law enforcement has an open door to any of the school’s campuses and is invited to do drug sweeps and operations such as the one Thursday.
The school system notified parents of Hickory Creek students of the arrest by an automated message which was sent Thursday night.