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TDB looks to trim one position
Sarah Cantrell color.jpg
Sarah Cantrell

McMinnville Tourism Development Board will be seeking one individual to oversee its endeavors, not two. 

An administrative agreement between the city of McMinnville and McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce came to an end in 2020. It was for Chamber employees to provide services to plan, direct, and coordinate supportive services for TDB endeavors.

Tourism board members originally considered dividing those job responsibilities into two areas – general administration and project development – and seeking two individuals to fill those needs. Both positions would be contract labor.

However, it has been determined there’s not enough work for two.

“There have been two scopes of work that have been looked at over the last few months for a potential administrator,” said TDB chair Sarah Cantrell during the board’s March meeting. “It was decided that there isn’t enough work at this time for there to be two different contracts with two different positions. We’ve been going through and removing some redundancies and correcting some things that needed to be corrected and combine those two scopes of work into one.”

Once finalized, the scope of work will be sent to the city’s human resource administer, its legal counsel and presented to tourism board members for their consideration.

“After they look at it and give approval, we can decide if that’s something we want to do and if that’s still the direction the board wants to go,” said Cantrell. 

The Chamber was given $75,000 annually by the city of McMinnville when it oversaw the administrative activities of the Tourism Development Board.