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Taking aim at war history
Residents view helicopter flown during Vietnam
Eric Wright gives the M-60 machine gun a try during the Huey helicopter display Saturday at Fairview CIC. The helicopter is one which flew in combat during the Vietnam War.
High School student Eric Wright didn't hesitate when asked what he thought about the Huey gunship helicopter on display Saturday at Fairview CIC."I want one," said Eric, looking at his dad for approval.Eric likely won't be getting a Huey helicopter anytime soon, but he was one of the many people to get an up-close look at the aircraft which flew in combat for four years during the Vietnam War.In addition to the helicopter, seven pilots who flew during Vietnam were on hand to answer questions. The seven pilots combined to have 164 years of military service."The troops either loved us or they hated us," said Bob Monette, one of the pilots on hand. "They loved us when we were picking them up and they hated us when we were dropping them off.