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Suspect found hiding in shower
Suspect runs, found hiding in woman's shower
Andrew Glenn, 29, is charged with burglary for forcing his way into a womans home.

A fugitive was found hiding in a woman’s shower after leading police on a chase when he dove from his moving car.
The fugitive, Andrew Glenn, 29, is charged with burglary for forcing his way into a woman’s home and seeking refuge in her shower to avoid a police manhunt.
The charge comes in addition to charges of evading arrest, reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an accident after he side-swiped another car during his run from police. The driver of the other car, Luther Wood, 45, was treated at River Park Hospital for injuries.
According to police reports, a city officer tried to pull Glenn over on Sparta Street. However, the suspect gunned his Mustang in an attempt to escape. He ran a stop sign at the intersection of West Sparta and Red Road, plowing into Wood’s car. The impact slammed Wood into a railroad sign, sheering one of his back wheels and leaving the disabled car just off the railroad track.
Glenn traveled a few hundred yards in the direction of police headquarters on Red Road before opting to bail out, much to the surprise of his two passengers. Glenn jumped from the driver seat onto the pavement, leaving his two passengers inside the unpiloted Mustang which then slammed into a fence in front of a residence. The passengers had minor injuries.
A manhunt, centering around Winding Way, followed for an hour until police discovered the home where he had taken refuge. The woman, who had been sleeping, was at first confused and told police Glenn was not there. However, when she went to put up her dog so police could look around she found the strange man standing in her shower. Police promptly came in, tased him, and arrested him.
It was later learned Glenn fled because he thought there were warrants on people in his car. It was determined there were no warrants.