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Survey says ample parking downtown
downtown parking survey.jpg
A survey is underway to determine the number of parking spaces in Historic Downtown McMinnville and generate a map of those. These four sub areas have been set.

So much for thinking there’s no downtown parking.

Over 1,500 parking spaces are located in downtown McMinnville, a new survey says. 

A downtown parking inventory is 50% complete and thus far, it has determined there are 1,511 parking spots downtown, according to city administrator Nolan Ming. 

“We are really attacking making people aware we have public parking. If someone doesn’t know that we have public parking, we have a problem,” said Ming, during a recent Streets and Sanitation Committee meeting. 

Once the process is complete, a map will be placed on the city’s website showing every parking spot located in the downtown area.

For the survey, downtown’s Historic District was divided into four sub areas:

• Sub Area 1 (from Hardees to High Street): primarily private, off-street parking with an estimated 468 parking spots. 

• Sub Area 2 (from High Street to Chancery Street): primarily private, off-street parking with an estimated 199 parking spots.

• Sub Area 3 (from Chancery Street to North Spring Street): estimated 445 parking spots – additional analysis needed.

• Sub Area 4 (from North Spring Street to Sparta Street, including the Farmers Market area): estimated 400 sparking spots, with 166 private off-street parking, 195 public off-street parking and 38 public on-street parking.

For the remaining 50% of the survey to be completed, Ming says parking spaces will be further broken down into sub-categories such as timed/ untimed, paved/ unpaved, and handicap/ EV /non-handicap/ no-parking. Additionally, subsequent maps will be made showing every parking spot in the downtown area.

McMinnville Public Works Department will be purchasing eye-catching, custom-made signage directing motorists to public parking areas, as directed by city officials.

A Streets and Sanitation Committee meeting will be set to discuss the survey results, new signage, and where those signs will be located.