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Supply shortages delay school construction
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Grant Swallows

Getting materials needed for construction projects has proven to be an issue for Warren County Schools.

Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows gave an update on school construction projects at a recent county Education Committee meeting. 

“I think if you are trying to build anything right now you are seeing that materials are an issue. We are experiencing that with the middle school project and the Eastside project,” said Swallows.

Eastside is working on making changes required by the fire marshal. Classroom spaces is being added to the school, along with a nurse’s station.

“With Eastside, we have just now gotten final approval on the fire marshal changes that were required and that raised the price about $19,000. That was actually built into the contingency so it will just take some of our contingency funds, but when it comes to fire marshal approval you can’t do much about it,” he said.

Warren County Middle School has a few things needing construction that are being halted by material delays including the roof and window projects. The bathrooms are next on the list and will be worked on after the previous projects get underway. 

“With the middle school, we were awarded the roofing bid,” said Swallows. “I told you this story already. They had 90 days from the time we were awarded it and at that point they said they could get the materials in February 2022, and so we are waiting on those materials,” Swallows said.

According to Swallows, the window project at the middle school will take some time due to the quantity of windows on the building. They were awarded a bid to start working on them, they are just waiting for the materials to become available.

“The window project at the middle school we were actually awarded that bid and those materials are on order as well. The contractor was at the site two weeks ago making sure and getting all the last measurements. I’m hopeful that at some point there is just going to be a bunch of people ascend on the facilities and start to work. It’s taking a little time to get there,” he said.

Another school construction update Swallows gave was on West Elementary.

“We did finally wrap up the West project. That contractor is gone. We struggled mightily to get them to wrap up the project, but those items are done and out. We also know we have a number of things left to do at West. So we hope to be able to do some of those things as we go,” said Swallows.