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Students debate candidates
Said student Nick Williamson, It might be a smart business move not to pay your taxes, but its not good nationalism.
So who won the debate?Students in an AP government class were eager to discuss the subject Tuesday at Warren County High School.“Trump kept taking sips of water and licking his lips. He looked unprepared,” said student Allie Winkler when giving her first impression of Monday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.Students in the class of Tommy Davis dissected the debate at length with most agreeing the candidates have their flaws.Trump did his best to pin America’s national security problems on Clinton and cast her as a typical career politician who has failed to take action during her years in office. However, it was Trump who found himself on the defensive for much of the night for not releasing his taxes and for not being truthful about his stance on the Iraq War.“You can see how debates are low reward and high risk,” Davis told his students.