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Standoff with Lance ends peacefully
Garrett Dillon Lance.jpg

A man who threated to commit suicide by overdose rather than go to jail is now in the custody of Warren County Sheriff’s Department. 

Garrett Dillon Lance, 28, according to Warren County deputy Brystol Davis, responded to requests to exit a vehicle by “barricading himself within it” and threatening to commit suicide by “eating a chunk of heroin.”

The situation between the two men started at Dollar General near WCHS on Manchester Highway when Davis alleges he saw a “hand-off” between Lance and another man. Davis initiated a stop of Lance’s vehicle.

“He waved as he passed me and almost hit my vehicle as he existed the parking lot,” said Davis. 

Lance continued outbound. Davis followed.

“He tossed a plastic bag out the window out by Generations,” said Davis. “It contained a crystal-like substance. The bag exploded. It’s all over the roadway. He’s leaning into the floorboard of the car. He appears to be digging around for something.” 

The pursuit turned left onto Country Club Drive.

“He’s still digging around in the vehicle,” said Davis. “He’s slowing down. His hands are up. I think he’s giving up.” 

Lance pulled into the driveway of a residence at 115 Country Club Drive. Rather than comply with the deputy’s order to exit the vehicle, Lance then began threatening suicide by overdose. 

Davis called for backup and for Warren County EMS paramedics be on standby. The standoff ended peacefully shortly thereafter.

The incident occurred Friday at 1:15 p.m. A specific list of charges was not available by Friday evening.