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Standard, WCPI to hold two political forums

County primaries are over and the General Election awaits Aug. 4.

To help voters make an informed decision when they go to the polls, the Southern Standard and WCPI will continue their decades-long partnership and hold two political forums, one in June and one in July. Both forums will be held at Warren County Administrative Offices and start at 6:30 p.m.

The first political forum is set for Monday, June 20, and will feature the candidates for Sheriff and County Executive.

In the race for Sheriff, incumbent Tommy Myers, an independent, is being challenged by Jackie Matheny Jr., a Republican. Myers is finishing his first term as Sheriff. This will be the first run for office for Jackie Matheny Jr., who hopes to follow in the footsteps of his father who was Sheriff for 24 years.

Both men have confirmed they will be in attendance June 20. They will be given time to make an opening statement then be asked general questions about local law enforcement.

In the race for County Executive, Terry Bell emerged from this month’s Republican Primary as the winner by 23 votes. Primary results are scheduled to become official this Thursday.

Barring any change in the unofficial results, Bell is scheduled to face incumbent Jimmy Haley, an independent, for County Executive in what will be a two-man race. They have both confirmed they will be in attendance at the forum. They met four years ago, but it was a four-person field at that time.

Haley and Bell will be given time to make an opening statement then be asked general questions about county government.

“Knowing the candidates and making an informed decision at the polls helps solidify a strong democracy,” said Standard publisher Patricia Zechman. “These events give voters a chance to meet the candidates and hear what they have to say in a forum that’s free and open to the public.”

The Standard is working to firm up details for the second political forum to be held in July with candidates for District Attorney and Circuit Court Judge.