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A Standard part of her day
Rose Morgan2.jpg
Rose Morgan says the Southern Standard has been part of her weekly routine for over 30 years. Morgan turned 100 on Monday. - photo by Lacy Garrison

The Southern Standard has been a constant in Rose Morgan’s life. In fact, she reads it almost as regularly as she reads her Bible. The 100-year-old has been a subscriber for over 30 years and recalls our newspaper’s presence in her childhood too. 

“I was one of nine and everybody in the family read the Southern Standard,” said Rose. “It was a treat to get since we lived out in the country and we just passed it around.”

Rose explained her current reading methodology for the Southern Standard while sitting in a blue recliner, her go-to morning spot in her home.

“I start my day reading my Bible and then I go to the paper,” described Rose. “I always read the obituaries first to check and see who is still around and then go to the back page to do the puzzles. Next, I look to see what the headlines are before reading it cover to cover.”

Over all those decades, Rose said next to her Bible, the Southern Standard remains her chief source of information.

“It keeps you up-to-date on the events of our town so you’re in the know,” said Rose. “I even give a subscription to two people as a gift – my sister and a neighbor because they love the paper too and that’s one thing I can do for them.”

When asked if she saves any papers, Rose pulled out her Bible with many newspaper clippings including two feature stories – “A lifetime of Avon” and “Rural churches matter” stored inside.

“Things that are important to me, I stick to the front of my Bible so I know where they’re at,” said Rose with a smile. “This article was about me and this one was about the church I went to as a child.”

Although the popularity of getting news online has increased, Rose doesn’t bother with a computer.

“Right here is my computer,” said Rose tapping her head.   

Rose also took a little time to reminisce on her life.

She married her husband Elbert and they moved to town when Elbert started working for Century Electric. Together, they had three children – two sons and one daughter. After being married for 55 years, Elbert passed away in 1987, and Rose has lived in the same house ever since.

“Like I’ve told my nephew, I’m not alone, the good Lord is with me every step of the way,” explained Rose.

Although Rose has outlived her three children and one of her grandchildren, she has a support system of family members and friends. In fact, a celebration of life was held for her at East End Church of Christ on March 16.