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Spruce up for spring

As spring approaches and summer is just around the bend, McMinnville Community Development Department offers a few friendly reminders on yard sales, deck construction, and new pool placement. 

Yard Sales

City residents seeking to rid their home of unwanted items and make a little extra cash with a yard sale need to obtain a permit. Yard sales can run for a maximum of three days once every six months. Permits can be obtained prior to, or the day of, the yard sale. Permit cost is $7. 

If it rains, the sale and its permit can be rescheduled within 30 days. The department currently accepts cash or check. Credit card capabilities are not yet available, but it is under consideration.


For those seeking some outdoor living space, permits are required prior to building a deck. Permits are $50. When applying for a permit, please being a sketch and some basic construction details. Review period for issuance of a permit is 3-5 days.


For above-ground pools over 24 inches tall, contact the department prior to purchasing. A permit fee is $50. A departmental review takes 3-5 days. Along with suggestions on placement, information on state requirements will be provided. 

In-ground pools take a little extra care and 3-5 days to review. Permit costs are based on the contract to build. Drawings are required with the application. An electrical permit will also be needed. 

For these and any home projects, feel free to call the Community Development Department at 931-473-1204 to discuss the work and understand what might be needed to be incompliance with City Code.