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Smith wins first in Rotary Four-Way Speech Contest
Covenant Academy sophomore Crosley Smith gives her Rotary Four-Way Speech to McMinnvilles Breakfast Rotary Club on Tuesday. She won the local speech competition and will be vying for a $1,000 scholarship at Tennessee Tech this Saturday.

Crosley Smith says she knows what her superpower would be in the battle to make smart decisions.
“No matter what choices you run into in life, there’s always someone to look to for guidance,” said Smith, a sophomore at Covenant Academy. “My choice of superpower for battle would be God’s word. When you don’t have the answers, He does. These answers are in the Bible.”
Smith’s comments came during a Rotary Four-Way Speech Contest that earned her first-place honors at the local level. By virtue of winning the local contest, she advances to district competition this Saturday at Tennessee Tech where she has a chance for a $1,000 scholarship. She won $250 from McMinnville Breakfast Rotary for winning the local event.
In Smith’s speech, she talks about the choices we’re bombarded with on an every-day basis.
“The choices and decisions we make in life are the foundation of who, or what, we become,” said Smith. “Every choice and decision we make has results, whether good or bad. If we think back to comic books, who always conquers? It’s the hero, who chooses good. In life we should strive to choose the good, not the evil.”
Smith made the point that what is popular is not always right. She also stated what’s right is not always popular. That’s why she says it’s best to turn to God when faced with difficult choices.
“The best person to go to for advice would definitely be God,” said Smith. “Again, He provides answers for us when we are in a rough spot.”
She also stressed another effective way to make better choices and decisions is by using Rotary’s Four-Way Test:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?