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Smith stumbles into charges
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A father was nabbed in his front yard on charges of child endangerment after he fell onto the police officer’s car as the lawman arrived to investigate a report of a reckless driver.The father, William Tyler Smith, 29, is charged with child endangerment and will face hearing in General Sessions Court on Jan. 24. Since the child in this case is just 3, he could face one to two years in prison if convicted as it is considered a felony offense if the child is under age 8.McMinnville policeman Justin Colwell said he pulled into Smith’s driveway because his silver car fit the description of a vehicle that just been reported for reckless driving in the area.“When he pulled into the driveway, I observed a 3-year-old female sitting in the backseat of the vehicle,” Colwell reported. “I also observed Mr. Smith staggering in his front yard as he was walking up to his door.”The policeman said once he began talking to Smith he smelled alcohol on his person.“Mr. Smith suddenly fell into the side of my patrol vehicle,” the officer recalled of the suspect’s degree of intoxication.