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Skies loud, roads quiet for holiday
This silver Mazda driven by Christy Wilmore suffered heavy front-end damage and she was transported to the hospital on Saturday.

The skies may have been roaring with fireworks, but it was a quiet weekend on Warren County roads.
There were no accidents with significant injuries over the holiday weekend, according to McMinnville Police Department and Warren County Sheriff’s Department.
Sheriff Jackie Matheny says there were no serious accidents over the weekend, while McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton said there were six accidents inside the city limits with four of those involving only property damage. The other two accidents involved minor injuries, he said.
One of those wrecks with injuries happened Saturday afternoon in Westwood around 3 p.m. A car driven by Christy Wilmore collided with a pickup driven by Charlie Furbee in a wreck that sent Wilmore and one of her juvenile passengers to the hospital.
According to the accident report, Furbee was driving a white pickup down Morrison Street heading out of town. He was towing a trailer that was carrying a riding lawnmower. Wilmore was behind Furbee’s pickup.
Because Furbee was pulling a trailer, he veered into the center turning lane in order to accommodate a wide, right-hand turn into a driveway. When Furbee made his right turn, he was hit in the passenger side by Wilmore.
The impact did substantial front-end damage to Wilmore’s car. It also spun Furbee’s pickup around before it came to rest off the shoulder of the road.
Alcohol was not listed as a factor in the crash.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, July 4 is deadliest day of the year when it comes to traffic fatalities. Alcohol is a factor 41 percent of the time.