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Sinkhole causing troubles
sinkhole issues original.jpg
A sinkhole opened in a low-lying area of Center Street in December. That was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The following month, a second one appeared in the driveway. The homeowner is seeking financial assistance from the city of McMinnville for damage caused to his home. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

McMinnville resident David Franco is having an issue with the earth opening up and threatening his home.

He says a sinkhole first appeared in December 2017 when the road collapsed.

“On Dec. 17, the road in front of my home collapsed,” said Franco. “The city came and put in two trucks of gravel.”

The Center Street resident said the hole in the ground reappeared a month later on his property.

“On Jan. 18 my driveway collapsed,” said Franco. “They took trucks of dirt out and put trucks of gravel in, because the sinkhole broke. The guys were working 12 feet from my garage. A week later, my garage door stopped. Two weeks later, the house started to collapse. First it was the garage and two rooms. Now, it’s all the house.”

Franco said his homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damage.

“My insurance won’t cover it. I’ve tried to deal with the city for nine months. The engineer came to my house and checked everything. He has the paperwork and the city has all the paperwork. What do I need to do now?”

The request was made before members of the McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Tuesday night.

Mayor Ben Newman stated the issue would be sent to city attorney Tim Pirtle for legal consideration.