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Shoplifter flees, leaves children behind
Ashley Marie Anderson will face a hearing May 17 on charges of child endangerment and shoplifting.
A shoplifter who ran off and left children behind not only faces shoplifting charges but also has been charged with child endangerment.The woman, Ashley Marie Anderson, 25, will face hearing May 17 on charges of child endangerment and shoplifting.Her charges come after she bolted from Walmart when she was confronted by the store’s loss prevention officer who had seen her taking items she did not pay for.“She was seen running besides Fred’s,” said McMinnville police officer Derrick Dale, who went looking for the suspect along with Lt. Bo Hutchins. “Officer Hutchins found her inside Fred’s and she had the stolen Walmart items in a backpack.”Officer Dale noted when Anderson ran from Walmart, she left behind two children unattended in the parking lot. The children were ages 9 and 6.