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Shooting suspect on loose

A local man was shot in the foot by a shotgun shell on Rattlesnake Road Monday night. The suspect is still on the run.

Jesse Wayne Lewis, 28, was reportedly shot in the foot at a home he shared with the suspect. Rattlesnake Road is located atop Harrison Ferry Mountain in a rural part of the county.

“The residents got into an altercation, but that’s all we know,” says Warren County Sherriff Tommy Myers.

A potential suspect has been identified but has yet to be taken into custody. More information is being gathered from Lewis, as well as evidence and witnesses at the scene.

A call requesting assistance was made at 7:46 p.m. from Rattlesnake Road after a man was wounded by a shotgun. Evidence was recovered at the scene, and the people who were at Lewis’ house at the time of the incident have named a certain individual as the shooter, according to Sheriff Myers.

Lewis and the witnesses are being questioned and have been informing officers why the shooting took place and who fired the shell that struck Lewis in the foot. 

Lewis was taken to Saint Thomas River Park Hospital before being transported to Erlanger with non-life threatening injuries. 

Due to the ongoing investigation, no further details are being released at this time.