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Sheriff's department uniforms stolen
They were taken during home break-in
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Warren County Sheriff’s Department uniforms were stolen last weekend in Lebanon during a break-in at the home of a former local jailer, leading authorities to wonder if the burglar may try to use the uniforms for illegal purposes.
The uniforms were discovered missing after Charles Stacey's home on Franklin Road was burglarized. Stacey said things like old TVs, guitars and a shotgun were missing and the inside of his home, which he was preparing to sell, had been ransacked. It was as he was logging the missing items he discovered his stepson’s uniforms had been taken.
“He had just worked for us a couple of days,” said Sheriff Jackie Matheny of the former jailer. “I guess it wasn’t for him so he left but it was under good terms.”
Matheny said the jailer returned uniforms when he resigned but had apparently forgotten at least one jailer uniform. Stacey said his stepson got busy and forgot.
“The way I understand it, the shirt was in a bag inside a closet,” Matheny said, noting he believes it may just be one single shirt missing and not multiple items as has been reported. “I suspect the burglars just grabbed the bag without knowing what was in it.”
Lebanon Police put out an advisory, worried someone might try to impersonate an officer. Matheny downplayed that likelihood.
“I think whoever did it realizes they could get in a lot of trouble if they are caught, plus it would tie them to the burglary and get them in trouble in two places," said Matheny, who added there would be charges of impersonating an officer.
The uniforms are the standard Warren County Sheriff’s Department issue, brown in color with a star on the shoulder.