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Shellsford Baptist Church holds thank you dinner
Shellsford Baptist Church served a complimentary meal to law enforcement officers and firefighters Wednesday night. Pictured, front row, from left, are church members Katherine Holland, Ruth Rogers, and Jeanette Griffith. Back row, Highway Patrol Capt. Jeff Mosley, McMinnville Police Lt. Nicole Mosley, and McMinnville Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield.
A free meal is a great way to say thanks.A free home-cooked meal is even better.Members of Shellsford Baptist Church had a potluck meal Wednesday night at the church and invited members of McMinnville Police Department, McMinnville Fire Department, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol to come eat as a token of appreciation.“The meal was beyond excellent,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “Even more so, we are delighted that the good folks at Shellsford, as well as other congregations in the community, are willing to show their public support for local police and emergency services in these trying times for law enforcement.”Church members showed first-rate hospitality, even carrying to-go plates to people who couldn’t be in attendance.“We carried out about 20 plates to the fire stations because they were on duty and couldn’t get here,” said church member Ruth Rogers. “This is something we wanted to do to say thank you, to show our appreciation.”The church had a similar meal last month and invited all 83 members of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and their families to come eat.