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Sex offender caught going digital
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A convicted sex offender has been hit was multiple violations of the sex offender registry after a surprise inspection turned up numerous unreported social media sites he had joined.The man, Kenneth Wade Bigham, 22, is charged with five counts of the violating the sex offender registry.His charges come after parole officers with the Department of Corrections showed up at his door at a local motel to conduct a surprise monthly visit. When they arrived they found two cellphones in his possession. The phones were unlawful for him to possess since he is required, per his agreement with the sex offender registry, to report each electronic communication item he owns.Along with the phones were five separate social media sites which he had joined despite being banned from joining such sites without reporting it to his parole officer.The sites included memberships to Snapchat, Facebook, America Online and Gmail.While offenders can be sentenced to up to two years on each conviction, most violations of the registry result in 90-day jail terms.