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Serious wrecks largely avoided during recent winter weather
Nichole Mosley
Nichole Mosley

Faced with significant weather conditions for the first time this winter, Warren County Sheriff’s Department Major Jason Walker said there have been some wrecks this past week, but motorists were more attentive while traveling in the ice and snow.

“Most of the problems were on Saturday,” Walker said referring to incidents last weekend. “I think the Police Department had some on Sunday night.”

Walker said most wrecks that have occurred this past week either happened at night or early in the morning.

“None were too serious,” Walker said, indicating most ended with no serious injuries. He said that most of them were single-car accidents. “Usually they were running off the road, into guard rails, or into bridges.”

Walker said motor vehicle accidents calmed down throughout the week and that the weather probably surprised some people. On Thursday, he said there weren’t many accidents reported. “People stayed home,” he said.

McMinnville Public Works Department has also worked to keep the snow off the roads throughout the week, which has made travelling during the day easier.

McMinnville Police Chief Nichole Mosley didn’t notice too many serious accidents in her reports. She said there are plenty of ways to prevent wrecks in inclement weather.

“Plan ahead,” she said, “It’s better to postpone a trip if you need to.”

If you have to travel, Mosley gave some tips to stay safe. “Leave early, drive slowly, listen to the radio for weather and road conditions, make sure all equipment in your vehicle is working, leave room in front of your vehicle, and buckle up!”

Mosley added, “I would also keep blankets and other items in your vehicle if out in cold weather.”