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Senior Center seeks to offer help battling robo-calls
Lana Whitlock.jpg

Senior citizens struggling with robo-calls may have some help coming. 

Executive director of the McMinnville-Warren County Senior Center Lana Whitlock presented to the Warren County Health and Welfare Committee potential ideas to provide assistance for seniors.

The issue was first brought to the committee’s attention by NHC’s Debbie Harvey at the previous committee meeting.

“Prior to COVID and during COVID, we are there as a resource to any member of Warren County that is 60 and older,” Whitlock said. “Anything they need. When I say anything, I mean anything.”

Whitlock said she has plenty of contacts for people which may be helpful in the area of robo-calls. “If you have concerns, tell them to call me,” Whitlock said. “If I can’t find their help, I’ll find somebody that can help them.”

She said informing people about the Senior Center and the resources is her main focus. “If we could come together as a group, maybe have a general listing, maybe put it on the website,” said Whitlock. “Whatever we need to do, I’m willing to help. I mean, I’ve got every phone number from here to wherever you need.”

Whitlock said phone numbers, emails or any contact that can provide assistance should be listed on the county’s website.

“Who says it has to be an elderly person,” she said. 

Classes and pamphlets were also discussed as possibilities to spread education on what to do if you receive a robo-call. The meeting was for discussion only.