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Security at WCHS tightened after bra burglar breach
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Security measures have been increased at Warren County High School to prevent access after a former student allegedly snuck into the girls locker room and stole bras.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox was questioned about the situation during a county Education Committee meeting Monday.
“Bobby, I know we had somewhat of a security breach at the high school recently,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley. “Do we know how that took place? There has to be some accountability somewhere. Has that been addressed?”
Accused of creating the breach is Stacy Alexander Stanley, 23, who was charged with theft and aggravated criminal trespass. According to school resource officer Kevin Murphy and Sheriff Jackie Matheny, he entered the building after regular school hours when after-school activities were ongoing and made his way into the girls locker room. Among the items he allegedly took were four bras and a necklace.
An additional charge of invasion of privacy was added after surveillance video was reviewed and led investigators to believe Stanley took refuge in the shower while girls were in the locker room, remaining there undetected for several minutes before he left once the girls were gone.
Cox says Stanley took advantage of after-school activities to sneak into the locker room.
“We try to supervise as kids are going in and out, but evidently he got in,” said Cox. “When we have five sports going on and kids are in and out of the building, the coaches are there and they supervise.”
Rubley added, “I understand they can’t watch everyone.”
After-hours security has been increased, said Cox, to prevent a future situation.
“It’s just hard to lock every door and make sure every door stays locked after hours,” he said “During school hours, it’s locked up tight. There’s one way in and one way out. Afterhours, with kids coming and going, it’s more difficult but we’ve beefed up security and made sure our coaches are aware they need to lock up and they are on guard for any issues.”