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Second principal position opens
carol prater.jpg
Carol Prater

A second principal position has opened in Warren County as Eastside Elementary principal Dr. Carol Prater will be assuming a new Central Office position. 

Prater will be the ESL (English as a Second Language) coordinator for the county. Director of Schools Grant Swallows said in announcing the decision, “Over the last few weeks our district has been working to identify areas of need based on the new requirements from federal initiatives. One such area is ESL.” 

Prater was offered the role and said, “I had no thoughts of leaving Eastside until I was given the offer.”

Prater has been the principal of Eastside for 10 years and has mixed feelings about her departure. “It was a very difficult decision,” she said, “But this is a great opportunity to help design and create for the betterment of the schools, the ESL population, and the ESL teachers.”

Prater has past experience in teaching ESL and thinks this position will be a great way to offer help to those students. “I had to figure out what was best for my family,” she added. 

Swallows added in his announcement, “Her background in this discipline and administrative experience has uniquely prepared her for this role.” 

This will leave two principal positions open in Warren County at the end of the school year, one at Eastside and one at Irving College after the departure of Rachael Graves, who is moving to Hickory Creek. 

Both open positions were posted Friday.

Swallows asks for patience as the school system continues to assess and reorganize some duties to improve the education of students.