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Schultz seeks to lease Blue Building
Neil Schultz.jpg
Neil Schultz

McMinnville Heritage Preservation is willing to direct money to the restoration of the Blue Building. 

McMinnville Heritage Preservation president Neil Schultz has requested the city consider a short-term lease to allow the organization to repair the dilapidated roof. 

“I have $10,000 in my pocket to offer the city for a specific reason,” said Schultz, who was speaking metaphorically at a recent McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. “We are very concerned about the leaks in the roof of that building. It’s starting to cause significant damage. We understand there may be a chance the building will be used by whomever you sell this building to, but we don’t know when that’s going to occur.”

The offer is contingent on preservation of the building.

“My presentation is for $1,000 a month, we would like a short-term lease for the specific purpose of repairing the roof on that building,” said Schultz. “Now, we don’t want to throw away $10,000. You could sell it to someone who’s going to tear down the building. That possibility exists. It would be a month-by-month lease and if you sell the building, we would relinquish the lease.”

City officials asked for developers to submit proposals about potential plans for the Blue Building and its more than 4 acres. 

The deadline for those proposals was Wednesday and the city has reportedly received four proposals. Those proposals have not yet been revealed.

City administrator Nolan Ming reminded the board the Blue Building is not insured as the city’s insurance provider has deemed the building uninsurable due to its condition.

Legal counsel voiced hesitation for signing a short-term lease on the property now that proposals have been received.

“If we encumber the property, even with a short-term lease and even something that involves a nominal amount of money, I think that will present certain legal issues,” said city attorney Tim Pirtle.

Mayor Ryle Chastain questioned if McMinnville Heritage Preservation could gift the city the funds necessary to repair the roof rather than requiring a lease, to which Pirtle replied, “Yes, the city can accept donations.”

Schultz gave no indication as to whether McMinnville Heritage Preservation would be willing to make a donation.