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Schools seek fence fortifications
Fencing Improvements original.jpg
ngineer Dave Allmon sketches out fencing at Bobby Ray to illustrate its location to School Board member Bill Zechman. - photo by Lacy Garrison

Warren County School System received three bids on fencing to improve campus security at two of its schools – WCMS and Bobby Ray. 

According to engineer Dave Allmon, the bids are for six-foot, chain-link fencing.

“We opened the bids today and the base bid was for the work at WCMS, which came in at $88,032,” said Allmon to the School Board. “Bobby Ray’s bid was $65,068 bringing the total to $153,100 for the middle school and Bobby Ray. Stubbs Construction from Crossville was the low bidder.” 

A portion of this fencing project will be funded by $97,000 from a safety grant. However, the remaining balance of roughly $56,000 to complete the two projects will be funded through the school system’s capital projects fund.   

“It would pay for WCMS then the balance of that would go on to Bobby Ray and we felt like since we were in construction over there, that we might as well try and go ahead and fence that project,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox.

The information was presented during a Facilities and Resources Committee meeting.  

Asked School Board member Bill Zechman, “Is that decorative fence you are talking about? Can we do that?”

Answered Allmon, “Yes, that along Chancery Street and it was a sizeable increase to go with to ornamental fence.”

Added Cox, “It would be $24,000 more.”

The ornamental fencing option was described as a coated rod iron type of fencing with long, narrow slats instead of chain link.

Allmon went on to explain the location of the fencing at Bobby Ray, which is the back of the parking area running into the side of the new building. Although the fence won’t be in front of the new building or parking area, it will be in front of Building B and visible to those driving by. 

After deliberating, the Board couldn’t justify the added cost for the decorative fencing. Instead, officials approved the fencing bid from Stubbs Construction.