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Schools partner with Care Solace
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Warren County Schools is taking further steps to ensure the well-being of its students, staff and families as well as their physical health.

In a press release on Monday, WCS announced that Care Solace would help provide support for those in the school system with mental health and substance use treatment. According to the release, “Warren County School District selected Care Solace, an organization determined to calm the chaos of mental health care coordination, to expand access to community mental health and substance use treatment providers for students, staff, and their families.

“Care Solace provides a Care Companion team which can quickly and confidentially find available providers in the community. Care Solace also equips school systems with a customized online tool that gives community members a way to anonymously search for community-based providers matched to their needs.”

Care Solace is currently in over 300 school systems and serves three million students. Care Solace acts as a resource to find “carefully verified therapists and programs in minutes.” They help with families with private insurance, Medicaid, and no insurance and are available in any language at no cost.

Director of Schools Grant Swallows said, “We are very excited to partner with Care Solace to provide much-needed services to our students and community. Over the last few years, we have seen a drastic increase in situations where providers are needed for our families. Care Solace will provide an efficient and effective way for us to make sure that opportunity is always there.”

WCS wants to use Care Solace as a tool to help with the social and emotional wellbeing of its students while giving Warren County students high levels of education that leads to college and career readiness. For more information on Care Solace, visit

“The effects of loss, isolation, uncertainty and fatigue brought on by the pandemic continue to pose new challenges for students, staff and their families,” said Chad Castruita, Founder and CEO of Care Solace. “We are proud to support Warren County School District in prioritizing the well-being of its school community by providing timely access to mental health care and substance use treatment services.”