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School enrollment up says Swallows
Grant Swallows new mug.jpg
Grant Swallows

Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows says enrollment is up and he is the most excited he has ever been about the state of education in this county. 

Swallows attended the Warren County Commission meeting Monday night to present his report and informed commissioner the first few days of school were going well. 

“We are five days in and we are having a good first five days thank goodness,” said Swallows.

School started Aug. 9 and Swallows says enrollment is up this year especially at Centertown Elementary due to Cannon County closing some schools. The School Board hopes to use ESSER money to accommodate for new students at Centertown.

“Just to report, our enrollment is up actually quite a bit. I am very encouraged by that,” said Swallows. “I think there is a lot of things that have gone into that one of which being we’ve got some counties that have closed some schools and folks have come in. I know Centertown Elementary enrollment is as high as it has ever been. Guess what that means? We’re running out of space, so we’re looking right now at the opportunity to use some of the ESSER money to give them some more space and it looks really good. We are excited about that.”

Swallows thanked county officials for their support and for all they have done that has contributed to the current state of education in the county.

“I am just going to say I want to thank this commission and County Executive Haley because I am more encouraged and more excited about the state of education in Warren County than I’ve ever been since I’ve been here,” said Swallows.

He says students in school right now are the future of Warren County.

 “Here’s the thing that I told our teachers the first day, right now in our schools we have got the next Mr. Carl E. Bouldin who spent their life working for Warren County. We’re educating them right now. We’ve got people in our school building that are the next skilled workers that are going to come out and make a difference in Warren County,” said Swallows.