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School energy savings piling up
Bobby cox mug
Director of Schools Bobby Cox

Energy savings are accumulating for Warren County Schools. 

According to outgoing Director of Schools Bobby Cox on Tuesday, the goal is to save $450,000 in 2020 and the school system is on track to exceed that projection.

“Our goal for this year in energy savings is $450,000,” said Cox. “That’s what we’ve projected from January to December. We’re ahead of schedule.”

The county Education Committee met via a Zoom meeting on Tuesday. Among the items of business under consideration was energy savings from the Energy Savings Group project.

“That’s impressive with the energy savings,” said Commissioner Robert Hennessee. 

In the first three months of 2020, the project saved $10,964 in January, $8,312 in February and $32,297 in March when schools closed in the middle of the month.

April’s savings of $59,765 is a projection as no bills have been received. The savings are expected to be so significant because school was not in session for the entire month.

Over the duration of the project, the energy savings are as follows:

April 2019 - $17,948

May 2019 - $18, 027

June 2019 - $11,780

July 2019 - $13,445

August 2019 - $9,403

September 2019 - $3,356

October 2019 - $17,981 

November 2019 - $14,888

December 2019 - $13,540

The savings through March 2020 are approximately $171,000. If April’s projection remains true, the total savings this year will be $230,765.