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School district to team with Belmont
Dr. Jesse Register will be working with Warren County Schools thanks to a partnership with Belmont University.

Warren County is one of just two school districts in the state that’s been selected to partner with Belmont University in a landmark educational program.

Belmont has teamed with the Tennessee School Boards Association to form a nonprofit organization called Center for the Improvement of Educational Systems.

This new group will work with the two school districts selected to implement education initiatives. Warren County Schools and Maury County Schools were the first two districts chosen.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for us and it doesn’t cost us a thing,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “Belmont is a first-class university and we’re fortunate to be selected.”

The Center for the Improvement of Educational Systems is under the direction of Dr. Jesse Register, a former director of schools for Metro Nashville. Register has nearly 30 years of experience as a public school superintendent. He said the goal is to offer the two school districts support tools to develop effective district leadership that trickles down to the classroom.

Cox said he heard Register talk about the new nonprofit organization during a Tennessee School Board Association conference. He didn’t hesitate to declare Warren County’s interest.

“I went up to him after the speech and told him we’d like to be involved,” said Cox. “They wanted to use one rural district and one district that was closer to Nashville so we fit right into their plans.”

The Warren County Board of Education approved the partnership during its monthly meeting in April.
Cox said the partnership will focus on three main goals:

1. Leadership in the central office and with school principals

2. Overall literacy

3. Focused academic programs at the high school such as Mechatronics, welding, nursing and pharmacy courses.

“We’d like to gear it more toward the industry needs in our area,” said Cox. “I would like to praise our Board of Education for its commitment to our teachers, students, and community in allowing our school district to be part of this exciting new pilot.”

Cox said the program is a three-year partnership. The initiatives will be incorporated locally during professional development days which are scheduled into the school calendar each year.