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School Board seeks opinions on testing
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Have an opinion on TNReady assessments? Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, or community member, now is the time to share it by taking a short survey for the School Board. 

A recently launched three-question survey gathers feedback on two topics: TNReady assessment results used as part of student grades and online report cards and progress reports.

Simply go to and answer yes or no to these questions:

• Would you prefer to have all report cards and student progress reports provided online?

• State law and Tennessee State Board of Education policy allows local school districts to determine if TNReady state assessment scores are used in a student’s final grade. Do you feel TNReady assessment results should be used as a part of a student’s final grade?

• Do you feel a reward system should be developed for students who show improvement on TNReady state assessments from year to year rather than counting as part of the student’s final grade?

Morrison resident A.J. Campbell took the survey Tuesday and encourages everyone in the community to do the same.

“It was quick, easy and very simple to understand,” said Campbell. “I believe everyone should participate because it is going to affect you and we all have a voice.”

As a parent of both an elementary and high school student, Campbell did find it bothersome that there were only two options to choose from.

“My son is a fantastic test taker, but my daughter, who’s a sophomore, freaks out on standardized tests so I can see both sides,” said Campbell. “Honestly, the kids are under a lot of pressure as it is and I don’t think using TNReady scores as part of student grades is a good idea.”

According to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, the School Board wants to get as much feedback as possible and collect the data to make the best decision possible. 

The survey is open through Tuesday, Jan. 22 and the feedback from it will be presented at the next School Board meeting Jan. 24.