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Saturation patrol issues 7 citations
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At least one motorist was seeing green, as well as blue, on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. Tennessee Highway Patrol made one arrest in Warren County for driving under the influence.
McMinnville Police Department Lt. Mark Mara says the arrest required the assistance of a drug recognition expert to determine the cause of the person’s impairment.
“We had no impaired driving arrests and no DUI-related accidents in the city,” said Mara. “I know they had at least one DUI arrest with THP. They called in DRE because they couldn’t draw blood from him due to his veins. He was impaired on alcohol.”
The city department had its distracted driving vehicle out over the weekend and two people were caught driving while distracted.
“They were using their cellphones,” said Mara. “You can use your cellphone for looking up a phone number or to make a call. Other than that, you aren’t supposed to use your cellphone while driving. We had one person who was trying to get GPS coordinates while they were driving and someone else was trying to download some music to play. That’s distracted driving.”
McMinnville Police Department made 18 traffic stops during its saturation patrol, wrote seven citations, and gave out eight warnings.
The next saturation patrol will be April 15.
McMinnville Police Department’s saturation operation is called “Be a Survivor: Get a Designated Driver” and receives funding from the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office to help pay the expense of saturation patrols.