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Rush-Hour crash at Morrison injures two
Pictured is the Ford Taurus driven by Christopher Walpole that collided with four other vehicles before coming to rest off the highway Monday in Morrison.

Two people were seriously injured when a speeding car roared into Morrison during rush hour Monday evening, slamming into four vehicles and leaving a swath of destruction on the four-lane highway.
The driver of the speeding vehicle, Christopher Walpole of Nashville, was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga from the nearby Morrison Fire Hall. Kimberly Sherrell of Manchester was also airlifted. She was the driver of one of the vehicles Walpole hit as his car pinballed through traffic on Manchester Highway around 5 p.m.
According to Highway Patrolman Chris Adams, the wreck, from beginning to end, covered nearly 1,000 feet, beginning at the main red light in front of Hullett’s.
“Mr. Walpole ran the red light and struck an F-150 driven by James Helton of Morrison,” said Adams, noting Walpole was heading inbound, toward McMinnville, on Highway 55 at a high rate of speed. “His 2004 Ford Taurus glanced off the truck and went into a yawl and hit a Pontiac Bonneville, rear to front since he was traveling backwards at this point, driven by Ms. Sherrell.”
The impact knocked the Sherrell vehicle backwards several yards and caused Walpole’s vehicle to go airborne and hit a Jeep Liberty driven by Patricia Buckner of Manchester, dealing it a glancing blow. The wreck finally ended with the speeding vehicle hitting a Hyundai Sonata driven by Jeffery Johnson of Manchester. The two vehicles came to rest in a ditch.
Adams pointed out Coffee County authorities had reported a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, perhaps going as fast as 100 mph, heading toward Morrison just before Walpole slammed into traffic. Adams noted Walpole was driving on a revoked license, his loss of driving privileges coming due to multiple tickets for moving violations.
He will, at minimum, face charges for driving on a revoked license, but could be looking a multiple counts of vehicular assault given the alleged speed at which he was traveling when he ran the red light.
The other motorists escaped serious injury in the crash.