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Running the light
Frazier triggers two-car crash
Lisa Hobbs photo-Pictured is the Dodge Stratus driven by Drew Wilson, 32, after he was extricated from the car Monday following a collision at the intersection of the bypass and Sunset Drive.

A war hero who lost both his legs in Iraq has been given three traffic citations and could face additional charges after a collision Monday on the bypass around 5 p.m.
According to McMinnville police officer Austin Wortman, Eric Frazier has been ticketed after running a red light and colliding with another vehicle in front of McMinnville Funeral Home.
Police say Frazier, 30, was traveling on the bypass toward the high school in a Mitsubishi Eclipse when he failed to stop at a red light at the Sunset Drive intersection. Frazier’s vehicle hit a Dodge Stratus which was driven by Drew Wilson, 32, who was driving through the intersection heading toward the Civic Center.
“After investigating and talking to witnesses, Mr. Frazier was charged with running a red light,” said officer Wortman. “He hit the other car near the driver’s side door.”
It took time for Wilson to be extricated from the vehicle and he was transported to the hospital. Frazier was reportedly not injured.
In addition to running the red light, Frazier was cited for no insurance and failure to have a child properly restrained. Officer Wortman says other charges could be pending.
Frazier has been in the news over the past year, both good and bad. A bridge was named in his honor last summer on the new four-lane to Woodbury.
A few months later, Frazier was charged in October with stabbing a man in DeKalb County after he was reportedly asked to leave a home on McMinnville Highway but refused. The man he stabbed was airlifted.
Charges in that case are still pending. According to records at the DeKalb County Courthouse, Frazier is set to be arraigned on the charge of aggravated assault April 10.
Frazier’s life changed forever on Oct. 23, 2006 when his Humvee ran over an IED in Iraq. Two of his fellow soldiers were killed.
As a result of the explosion, Frazier had one leg amputated above the knee and one amputated below the knee.