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Rules of road to be enforced on The Strip
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McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton would like to remind those gearing up for this Saturday’s Back to The Strip the rules of the road still apply.
In its seventh year, Back to The Strip is scheduled for this Saturday, May 5. Participants are encouraged to have fun, but within legal limits, as law enforcement will have a significant presence.

“Our approach has to be if it’s illegal on Friday night, it is still illegal on Saturday night,” said Denton. “We support this event, but we also remind participants that The Strip, as it is called locally, is a state highway and the rules of the road apply. This event, that is enjoyed by so many and benefits a very worthy cause, would likely shut down with one deadly mishap, like the one in Selmer a few years ago. We don’t want that.”

Increased enforcement began in 2015 due to the event progressively growing and some individuals suspending the rules of the road and creating safety issues with burnouts in close proximity of pedestrians.

There were also violations of the state’s seatbelt law with children and other passengers riding unrestrained, underage children riding in the bed of trucks, and some adults riding on – not in – the vehicles.

When the event started years ago, Denton hoped it would police itself, but that was not to be. Denton says about 5 percent of the people are causing problems and creating the need for police intervention.