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Rogers, Crabtree win city Rook tournament
rook tournament results original.jpg
Charles Crabtree, left, and Ralph Rogers were dealt a win during the first Multi-County Rook Tournament held by the city. The grand champions trumped their way to victory against seven other teams in their division.
McMinnville Civic Center’s first Rook tournament attracted 16 teams competing for a championship.

Ralph Rogers and Charles Crabtree took the title of grand champions in Division A. Their pictures will be placed on a plaque as winners of the first Multi-County Rook Tournament.
“I’ve been playing rook since the 1970s,” said Rogers. “I’m 91 years old.”

His teammate is a rookie in comparison.

“I’ve been playing Rook for about five years,” said Crabtree. “We play Rook at the Senior Center together. He asked me to be his partner in this tournament because he knew I’d win.”
Rogers laughed and added, “That’s right.”

Coming in second place in Division A were Jerry Duggin and Maggie Wanamaker. Rounding out the other teams: James Jones and Glenn Moore, third place; Betty DeArnold and Jimmy DeArnold, fourth place; John Douglas and Peggy Hollie, fifth place; Lee Cooper and Shawn Sloan, sixth place; and Harry DeBoard and Dianne DeBoard, seventh place.

Division B was won by Janice Foster and Louise Hillis. Rounding out the other teams: Jeff Hobbs and Brad Cantrell, second place; Charlotte Huff and Eddie Ware, third place; Mary Gray and Linda Hale, fourth place; Kevin Dunlap and Tracy Bennett, fifth place; Christine Smartt and Harold Kilgore, sixth place; and Louise Moore and Kendra Rymer, seventh place.

Participants varied in age from 22 to 91. Over 48 games of Rook were played.

“It was fantastic to see the pure joy on people’s faces as they played a family favorite game against new opponents,” said Kyle Clyde, recreation program coordinator for McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department. “Everyone left the event asking when the next one would be held because they had such a fun time.”

The next Multi-County Rook Tournament will be held Nov. 10. Rogers and Crabtree will be among the players.

“If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best,” said Crabtree. “They’re going to be gunning for us. You can’t win every time, but we’ve got bragging rights for a little while.”

A potluck luncheon was offered during the tournament.