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Roads under speed limit consideration
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Warren County Commissioners will be considering speed limits on four roads during their monthly session in June, which is this coming Monday.
A resolution, if it passes, will set the speed on Smartt Station Road at 35 mph, Henegar Road at 35 mph, Tenpenny Road at 35 mph, and Short Mountain Road at 45 mph, as recommended by the county Highway and Bridge Committee.
Smartt Station, Henegar and Tenpenny roads are connected. While considering a measure to lower the speed limit on Smartt Station from an unposted 55 mph to a posted 35 mph, Road Superintendent Levie Glenn suggested adding the second two.
“After I got to looking at Smart Station, I’m sure the road goes all the way to Old Well Road and I think we need to take Henegar Road and Tenpenny Road, that’s a branch off Smartt Station,” said Glenn. “It stops right where Tenpenny and Henegar come together, but Smartt Station has the right of way and keeps going. It’s a curvy road right there. I would recommend we add those two roads to the list because they are continuations.”
Short Mountain Road, a state highway that was posted at 45 mph by the state, will remain 45 after a state review that upheld that determination. Glenn recommended the county, since it has not, pass a resolution making the entire length of the road 45 mph.
The speed limit on Short Mountain Road comes under consideration at the request of Billy Goff to county Highway and Bridge Committee members in June of 2016.
Short Mountain Road is extremely curvy and narrow. Because the road doesn’t have shoulders, it presents problems for motorists. According to information presented by County Executive Herschel Wells to committee, in a one-year period, from June 15, 2015 to June 16, 2016, there were 14 accidents in the area located between the three-way stop sign at Yager Road to the county line.
Commissioners meet June 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Warren County Administrative Offices on Locust Street.