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Ringing in roaring '20s
Toye Majors and Caleb Northcutt hug moments after the ball dropped to usher in 2020. They have been dating for five years.

Horns and cheers ushered in 2020 at the stroke of midnight Wednesday, providing a burst of excitement to what was a quiet night from a law enforcement standpoint.

For those celebrating the dawn of a new year together, there were sparks of enjoyment as 2020 began. Longtime couple Toye Majors and Caleb Northcutt cherished the moment.

"It was a magical New Year's night," said Toye, who has been dating Caleb for five years. "We are living in the moment and taking it one day at a time."

On the roads, it was an uneventful night, according to McMinnville Police Department.

"New Year's Eve is not the law enforcement evening everyone is used to dealing with," said Police Chief Bryan Denton. "The DUIs used to be expected but times have changed. Strong media messages and different thoughts on drinking and driving have improved the impaired driving situation."

McMinnville Police Department did conduct a saturated patrol New Year's Eve. 

Chief Denton reports there was one DUI arrest and two tickets written for drivers going at least 30 mph over the speed limit.