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Request to close road denied
Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

A request to close Lynn Road was denied after concerned residents voiced their opinions. 

At the county Highway and Bridge Committee meeting last week, many residents who live on or near Lynn Road showed up to express their opposition to closing the road. According to County Commissioner Brad Hillis, the person who lives at the end of the road owns BankPak and wanted to make Lynn Road a private road. 

“He owns pretty much the end of the road and he wanted to make it a private road,” said Hillis.

Before discussing the potential road closure, those in attendance had a chance to voice their concerns. Ali Fults said Lynn Road is right in front of her driveway and it would be a disruption to her family if it closed. 

“It would be a huge inconvenience for me and my family to have that shut down in front of my driveway. It would cause a lot of traffic and I think the size of the area where it is being proposed is not big enough for just an average vehicle to turn around which means they would make use of my driveway so I am opposed,” said Fults.

Carla Northcutt Jones said everyone in attendance is opposed to closing the road. 

“It just feels like privilege at the expense of others,” said Jones.  

Commissioner Gary Prater says he spoke to some of the neighbors on Lynn Road to get their opinions on the closure and says the road is a good county road.

“It is a good road and the county has an investment in the road and it would be a shame to close that section of the road for somebody’s convenience,” said Prater. 

Commissioner Donna Smith made a motion to not close the section of the road. The committee unanimously approved the motion. 

“The road will stay open,” said Prater.