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Republicans holding caucus for District 2 seat
Stotts sheriff
Joseph Stotts

President of the Warren County Republican Party Joseph Stotts announced that the Republican Party will be hosting their own caucus to nominate a Republican candidate for the vacant District 2 County Commission seat. 

The caucus will be on Monday, Sept. 12 at 5:30 p.m. at the Westwood Church of Christ gym. Stotts says the purpose is to allow voters from District 2 to nominate their Republican nominee. 

At the caucus, only Republican voters will be allowed to vote and must have voted Republican in three out of the last four Republican primary elections. Nominees will be accepted from the floor.

Stotts says voters will be vetted as they arrive to ensure they meet the criteria to vote based on their voting records. The Warren County Republican Party Credentialing Committee, which will consist of five members from the current board, will be doing the vetting. 

The nominee for District 2 will be selected that night.