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Renter nailed for stealing, selling tools
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A renter has been given 45 days in jail for breaking into his landlord’s storage shed and pawning the tools inside.
The man, Tyler Neal Klasek, 30, entered guilty pleas before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to charges of theft.
According to McMinnville police detective Marty Cantrell, Klasek had rented a house but was warned by his landlord his rental did not include a storage shed on the property which was being used to store tools. Her instruction apparently didn’t register with Klasek.
“She went to the address and found the lock had been cut off and another lock was in its place on the shed,” the detective revealed.
The victim soon figured out someone had been pawning the tools that had been stored inside the building. The case was turned over to police and Cantrell discovered Klasek had entered a local pawn shop to pawn a Craftsman tool kit that belonged to the victim. He also discovered Klasek came back and paid the pawn to get the tools back but re-pawned them five days later. He also pawned a table-top saw and other items.
An inventory of the shed revealed about $1,500 worth of tools and things like air compressors and nail guns had been taken.