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Renovations planned for courthouse office
Clerk and Master Myra Mara, on ladder, and Circuit Court Clerk Bernie Morris are running out of storage space at the courthouse.

Warren County Clerk and Master Myra Mara’s courthouse office may get some much-needed renovations. 

Mara gave an update of some of the recent renovations and additions to the courthouse at the county Building and Grounds Committee meeting. 

The elevator is up and running and things are going smoothly. Mara also discussed the remodeling of her office. As of now, her office is not in a practical spot.

“It will hopefully give us a little more storage in my office as well. The concern we have is how to fund that. I talked to Mr. Haley about maybe using some of the ARP funding. That is going to be my next request for you guys is to help me out getting that remodel started,” said Mara. 

County Executive Jimmy Haley explained to the committee why the office space needs to be remodeled.

“Myra’s is the most dysfunctional of all the offices up there as far as the disconnect between all the little cubby holes and hallways. It is very hard to bring people in there and protect employees. There is too much access from too many doors and not enough barriers. So Myra is wanting to do something like has been done in the County Clerk’s Office and Darlene’s office and put the counter up and the permanent glass there for protecting her employees since they do receive payments and lots of other things in her office,” said Haley.

The office currently has a lot of exposed wiring that could potentially be a problem.

President of Tri State Development Keith Bouldin took a look at the office space and said it could be reworked.

The committee decided to obtain an estimate and figure out the next steps at a later meeting.